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Little Star Toys Rainbow - 12 Piece Wooden Stacking Toy



Beautiful & Natural - This handcrafted, vibrantly colourful wooden rainbow stacker is inspired by the Montessori & Steiner Waldorf education movement. The wooden rainbow toy is colour stained rather than painted. This means the wood retains it's tactile feel of wood under the fingertips. Bright colours stimulate children both young and old.

Open Ended Play - The Little Star 12 piece Rainbow Stacker is an open ended toy. Designed to encourage a child’s imagination and creativity through thoughtful, unhurried, creative play. Use the rainbow pieces to make bridges and tunnels for cars, fences, caves and houses.

Stimulated Leaning - Our Rainbow puzzle encourages learning through doing. Stacking, nesting and building stimulates and develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills whilst developing reasoning skills and essential problem solving skills. The vibrant rainbow pieces introduce colour awareness.

Each individual section is solid beech wood. The grain of the wood remains visible and each piece is as individual as the tree from which is was made. Light but sturdy for little and big hands alike.
Size - 35cm x 18cm x 7cm - Made from FSC Certified Wood


Is the rainbow varnished?
No it’s just stained to keep the edges slightly rough to enable it to grip whilst being stacked . If it was varnished it would be too smooth to stack.


Is this rainbow smaller than the grinms 12 piece rainbow?
:I think its about the same size. I've not got a little star toys one but my little star toys semi circles match up really nicely with my grimms rainbow.


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