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The Best Waldorf Toys to Buy

Playing with Waldorf toys encourages children to engage in unstructured play, where they can explore and experiment with the world around them. This type of play helps children develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. It also promotes independent thinking and self-directed learning.

Our website aims to bring you the best Waldorf toys that are available to buy, allowing you to give your child a great opportunity to play with natural, safe toys that will help them to develop a love and appreciation of the natural environment.
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Waldorf doll

What's so special about Waldorf Toys?

Waldorf toys are unique and very special because they are designed to promote open-ended, imaginative play, which is crucial for child development. 

These toys are made of natural materials such as wood, silk, and wool, and are often simple in design, allowing children to use their creativity to transform them into whatever they desire.

Playing with natural toys such as Waldorf toys promotes a connection with nature and an appreciation for the environment. Children can learn about the natural world and develop a sense of respect and care for it.

What are the most popular Waldorf Toys?

Below we've featured some of the best-selling Waldorf toys available to buy online. Rememeber, whilst these may be considered as best-sellers, every child out there is different and there are so many types of Waldorf style toys to consider. So, just because these are popular, it doesn't mean it'll be your child's favourite! It's always best to consider what they like, and to encourage them to use their imaginations when playing.

Waldorf Wooden Wagons

Waldorf wooden wagon
The classic Waldorf wooden wagon or push-cart - this toy takes many forms and designs, but ultimately is a wooden cart that can be used by the child to push along toys and other items.
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Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf dolls
Another classic, the Waldorf doll. These dolls are beautifully made, and you should always try to opt for an ethically sourced and handmade doll where possible. Perfect for developing a child's social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills.
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Waldorf Wood Blocks

Waldorf wooden blocks
Children love to play with wooden blocks, and these responsibly grown and sourced wood blocks are a great, Waldorf friendly play tool. Hours of fun can be had with these, and they're great for developing a child's imagination whilst greatly improving their motor skills.
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Waldorf Toys
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